La Carte

The Starters

  • Country style pâté recipe from my apprenticeship 14
  • Tartare of salmon, oysters and sea bass seasoned with ginger and lemon 18
  • The old style devilled eggs 10
  • The real Caesar Ritz salad 14
  • Squash oven-grilled topped with farm style cream, parmesan cheese shortbread 15
  • Scallops carpaccio with cauliflower creamy and grilled hazelnuts from Piemont 20
  • Duck foie gras from Vendée, apple chutney 19
  • Soft boiled organic egg, Ibaïama bacon and button mushrooms 16
  • Shellfish soup with lobster ravioli 15
  • Lamb′s lettuce and avocado salad, with Cecina shaving and mango 17

The main courses

  • Roasted scallops served with green bomba rice and chistorra, lemon juice 34
  • King prawn ravioli served with artichoke purée 29
  • Seabass and shellfish with satay sauce, roasted parsnip, scallions condiment 32
  • Fillet of cod served with caramelized chicory and citrus fruit salad 30
  • Roasted chicken with herby butter and potatoes purée 29
  • Veal stew in white sauce served with onions and mushrooms 28
  • Steamed seasonal vegetables 22
  • Caramelized potatoes stuffed with pork meatloaf 25
  • Marinated suckling lamb shoulder from the Pyrenees with Espelette pepper, sautéed potatoes with thyme 29
  • Country beef sirloin with red onion and pommes pont-neuf 32


  • Pineapple roasted with spices 11
  • Crispy cream puff pastry with grilled hazelnuts 12
  • The fabulous ′Christian Constant′ chocolate tart 13
  • Poached pear, crisp pecan nuts and sea salt 13
  • Fine cheeses of our regions served with black cherry jam 10
  • Vanilla rice pudding 9
  • Ice cream and sorbets 12
  • Ile flottante with light custard and caramel sauce 9
  • Flourless biscuit, creamy Guanaja chocolate, cacao streusel 11
  • Crisp lime and coconut meringue, mango sorbet 13
  • Fresh ewe′s milk cream cheese, with citrus fruit and cumeo pepper 13
  • Millefeuille with salted caramel sauce 10

Lunch Menu aux Cocottes

Menu available 7 days a week, only at lunch.
Open from now to 11pm

  • Starter of the day and main course of the day OR main course of the day and dessert of the day 29
  • Starter of the day, main course of the day and dessert of the day 34

Net rates, service and tax included. All our dishes are homemade. They are elaborated based on untreated raw products.