Les Cocottes

  • A setting bathed in light with larges spaces, generous tables, wooden armchairs trimmed in fauve leather and comfortable booths opening onto a second area dedicated entirely to a pleasant counter-top dining area.

    The parquet floor is sculpted from clear oak and dark woods. Slate walls, hanging creations and natural materials and colours lend a note of warmth and authenticity. When the weather permits, tables are also set on the terrace to round out the dining experience.

  • Christian Constant proposes an authentic cuisine. This concept is crystallised in the dishes prepared and served in "les cocottes", the famous Staub house cast-iron casseroles.
    Its singularity goes far beyond the simple presentation. Through the association of ingredients and cooking techniques, "les cocottes" takes cooking to a new level that brings out new and sometimes forgotten flavours of fresh produce. Guests discover or rediscover bistrot-style dishes and French culinary treasures in versions they could not dream possible.

    Many will let themselves be tempted by the celebrated caramelised potatoes stuffed with pigs feet cooked in the cast-iron cocotte, or the fabulous chocolate tart. Others will venture towards new creations around seasonal produce, which the cocottes cooking technique makes even more original.